The fact that even the highest quality plastic laminate work surfaces are considerably cheaper than engineered quartz countertops is the biggest reason that they are still enormously popular with homeowners who are not keen on spending a fortune to refurbish their kitchen. Furthermore, they can be installed by competent DIYers without any outside assistance, something that cannot be said for natural stone and quartz surfaces. However, the decision to choose laminate over quartz is not as clear cut as it may first appear, even if cost is far and away your prime concern. Could Quartz Countertops Really Be a Better Choice for You?

You really want to renovate your kitchen and something beautiful like an engineered quartz counter most certainly appeals to you. However, you’ve looked at the prices in local suppliers’ brochures and you simply cannot justify the expense. If this is the situation you currently find yourself in, take a look at the points below to see if it might be worth reconsidering your stance on quartz.

  1. buy modafinil uk amazon Durability – Engineered quartz countertops are far and away the strongest, most durable choice as far as most experts are concerned. If you want a surface in your kitchen that will last for years to come, there really is only one option that is worth considering. You could save money on your initial renovation costs by opting for plastic laminate instead but in the long run, you almost always end up paying more when choosing cheaper materials.
  1. news Maintenance – Quartz surfaces are much easier to keep clean and in pristine condition than the most popular alternatives. Plastic laminate counters stain more readily and can easily be damaged by hot pots and pans. Even marble countertops, which we love and recommend whenever we can, are admittedly harder to maintain than quartz, so if you want to minimise the maintenance work you have to do in the kitchen, quartz is the obvious choice.
  1. how do you get spam emails from dating sites Scratch Resistance – Accidentally use a kitchen knife without a cutting board on a plastic laminate surface and you soon know about it. Deep scores are just as likely as light scratches if you are careless and both are equally impossible to remove. Make the same mistake on quartz countertops on the other hand, and you will be more likely to damage your knife. If you are absent minded and accident prone, or you happen to have teenagers in the home, quartz surfaces such as Caesarstone countertops will stay looking good for infinitely longer than laminate surfaces.

There are many other reasons that quartz countertops are a better choice than laminate ones, such as the fact that they simply look ten times better. If you look a little deeper into the subject, we are sure you will agree that we are right. However, if you cannot decide which material to choose, please do feel free to call us and ask for help. We will be more than happy to explain the key factors you need to consider in as much detail as you like.