Marble countertops can be found in homes across the country. Given their enduring popularity it is perhaps surprising that many people are unaware of all the facts about buying and living with surfaces made from this undeniably beautiful natural stone. If you are thinking about choosing marble for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, the following 6 facts are sure to be of interest.
What You Might Not Know about Marble Countertops

They are beautiful, they have been around for centuries, they can be found in pretty much every country around the world. These are all facts that everybody knows. Below are 6 less obvious ones that you really ought to know.

  1. Marble is Cheaper Than Quartz – For years, marble has been the bad boy of the prices lists, making homeowners gasp as they first take in the enormity of the bill they will have to foot should they proceed with their plan to install countertops made from the finest marble in their kitchens and bathrooms. Nowadays, however, the story is quite different. People are discovering, usually to their delight, that marble countertops are in fact considerably cheaper than engineered quartz countertops in almost all cases.
  2. Sealing Will Reduce Staining – Many people will caution against using marble in kitchens and suggest that it is only really suitable for bathrooms and other areas where it will not be subjected to the kind of abuse that kitchen work surfaces often suffer. Whilst this is sound advice to a certain extent, it does not tell the whole story. Marble countertops that have been professionally sealed are almost as resistant to staining as granite countertops and those that are manufactured from naturally non-porous materials such as composite quartz.
  3. Each Piece is Unique – In contrast to engineered materials, which are uniform in colour and pattern, every piece of marble is unique. For this reason, you should always see the actual slab your supplier proposes to use before agreeing to a deal.
  4. Dulling and Etching Can Be Attractive – Homeowners that want a pristine work surface in their kitchen should avoid choosing marble countertops but if you want a material that ages gracefully and looks even more beautiful as it does so, this soft-hearted natural stone is hard to beat.
  5. Honing Makes Marks Far Less Visible – Etches on a highly polished marble surface are very easy to spot but marble countertops that have been honed to dull the surface and provide a softer finish are able to hide such signs of ageing.
  6. Some Marbles Are Less Porous – If you fancy marble in your kitchen but don’t like the idea of unsightly stains, ask your supplier to pick a less porous grade for you. This, together with professional sealing, will ensure it looks good for many years to come.

Marble surfaces in bathrooms are never a cause for concern and we hope we have shown you they can be equally attractive in kitchens too. If you want to find out more, call us on 416-679-8048.