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What Are the Pros and Cons of Caesarstone Countertops?

Caesarstone is a reputable name in the quartz countertop industry. It is a nationally recognized brand that offers high-quality engineered quartz surfaces in a variety of colours. When it comes to longevity, invest in a Caesarstone countertop is a good idea. There are several advantages to Caesarstone countertops, but they have their drawbacks. Here is [...]

Quartz Countertops: What Are The Pros and Cons? (Quick Guide)

Picking the material for your countertop will impact how it looks and functions. There are many options to choose from, including granite, marble, quartz and concrete. Let's look at quartz. It is among the most popular countertop materials for kitchens and bathrooms. This engineered stone has a loyal following because it looks good and is [...]

Quartzite Countertops: What Are Their Pros and Cons?

First off, quartzite is not quartz. (More on that later). It's formed when quartz sandstone is exposed to high temperatures and pressure. These conditions re-crystallize the sand grains and silica cement that binds them. The result is a network of interlocking quartz grains of incredible strength.  Although, the beauty and strength of this natural stone [...]

What Factors Determine the Cost of Granite Countertops?

When it comes to home remodelling projects, granite is a material beloved by many homeowners. It adds a sense of luxury to any space, with a beauty unsurpassed by other natural stones. Its durability also makes it sought after for high-traffic rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, and it can last a lifetime with little maintenance. [...]

Engineered Quartz Countertops: What Are Their Pros and Cons?

Engineered quartz is made by combining ground-up quartz with polymers and synthetic resins under heat and pressure to create slabs. These slabs are later cut and used in various applications such as countertops and fireplace surrounds. As a countertop, quartz offers a durable surface for both bathrooms and kitchens. Being an engineered material, it comes [...]

The Ultimate Countertop Maintenance Schedule Cheat Sheet – Part 2

  Part 1 dealt with the most popular countertops in the industry. Now let’s look at what it takes to maintain the other countertop styles that will make your home stand out: Onyx countertops Onyx is beautiful with its bands of translucency, but it has a delicate surface prone to staining and etching. Of all [...]

The Ultimate Countertop Maintenance Schedule Cheat Sheet – Part 1

  Countertops are a big investment as part of your dream home journey so you want to do everything you can to keep them in pristine condition for as long as possible. With all the different stone countertop materials available though, it’s hard to keep track of what to do and when for maintenance work. [...]

11 Tips to Creating a Farmhouse-Style Kitchen (2020 Update)

After all these years, farmhouse-style houses remain popular with homeowners. With its primary focus being livability and family, this design has stood the test of time, especially in kitchens. In fact, elements of the modern farmhouse pop up in the decor of pubs and restaurants, too, incorporating a blend of the sleek and rustic. If [...]

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