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6 Kitchen Countertop Materials for Your Toronto Home Remodel

As an integral part of your home, the kitchen experiences daily wear and tear, becoming susceptible to countertop cracks, outdated designs, and stubborn stains. These issues can transform the essential kitchen space into a source of frustration In that situation, a new kitchen countertop not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space but addresses [...]

Fabricated Countertops in Toronto: 12 Commonly-Asked Questions

Are you in search of the perfect countertop to enhance the functionality and beauty of your kitchen or bathroom? Then you need to ask the right questions when meeting potential countertop fabricators. Doing so will help you determine if the fabricator is a good fit for your project. Moreover, understanding the product better ensures that [...]

5 Unique Ways to Add Luxurious Onyx to Your Interior Decor

Are you looking to make your home more exquisite and luxurious with natural stone? There are many to choose from, including onyx. Often referred to as the new marble, onyx is the ultimate material to choose to give your space a more luxurious appeal. Often used in carvings, jewellery, monuments and architecture, onyx is becoming [...]

Why Choose Winter to Remodel Your Kitchen and Countertops?

Are you sick of stains and cracks in your kitchen? Maybe it’s time to renovate. Replacing old countertops, cabinets, or back splashes can make it look brand new. But should you do it during winter or wait until spring? There are benefits to doing your kitchen renovations at this time of year. Let’s find out [...]

5 Tips to Design a Functional and Stylish Bar (2021 Update)

Many of us have a favourite bar. We appreciate the service, the friendliness of the bartenders, and the drinks. We also appreciate the overall look and feel of the space, from the lighting to the bar countertop. You want the space to be stylish and functional so first-time visitors will become regulars. Many design aspects [...]

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