Granite is one of the most popular natural stones thanks to its durability and gorgeous looks. The average price of fabrication, cost of material and installation ranges between CDN$70 and CDN$80 per square foot for granite countertops.

As it is expensive, you cannot make errors when it comes to granite countertop installation. Unless you have adequate knowledge and training, you should not do it yourself. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the countertop and increasing your expenses.

Your best option is to hire a leading stone company like MaxSpace Stone Works for a hassle-free and smooth installation.

You can help out though. Here we discuss the steps you should take to prepare your kitchen for granite countertop installation.

Let’s get started.

Steps to Prepare Your Kitchen for Granite Countertop Installation

Below are a few steps you should take before installing a granite countertop.

1. Remove the Old Kitchen Countertop

Before you replace your old countertops, you first have to remove them. Use a knife to separate the old countertop from the surface it is attached to or from the wall. If there are screws attached, you also have to remove them to ensure that the surface is ready for the granite countertop installation.

2. Make Sure the Surface Is Levelled

The surface of the kitchen cabinet must be levelled to ensure the safe installation of your new countertop. A levelled surface also strengthens the countertop and ensures that it is suitable for prolonged use.

The best way to do this is to keep shims below the cabinets. The shims allow you to level the surface and help your countertop fit perfectly.

Another option is to get plywood to be placed on the kitchen countertop to have the proper levelling. If you use this plywood technique then place the shims below the plywood for optimum efficiency. It is vital to remember that if you keep plywood on the countertops then there is an additional weight which you need to determine if you are comfortable with.

3. Remove Your Plumbing

To mount the granite countertops, you need to remove any plumbing. This helps in mounting the countertops over the kitchen cabinets properly.

First, shut off the water. Alternatively, if you have not installed plumbing yet (as in a full kitchen renovation), you need to get the area ready. After you mount the granite countertop, start the installation of the plumbing. This will help your plumbing contractor know the specifications that suit your granite countertops.

4. Remove the Dishes 

Make sure you remove the dishes from the installation area to avoid damage during installation. Or cover them with a protective sheet.

Getting the best out of your granite countertop means preparing the installation area before the process begins. This allows you to get the best results. Understand that installing a granite countertop is not a DIY project. Instead, contact MaxSpace Stone Works. Our expert fabricators and installers are dedicated to helping you select and mount the appropriate countertop at affordable rates.