Our 2022 Black Friday sale is just around the corner and will include savings on a variety of stoneware products, including fireplace mantels. Undoubtedly, mantels are appealing to homeowners for their clean, modern look, functionality, and storage.

But what is the best fireplace mantel material for your home?

In this post, Toronto’s leading stone company discusses the best fireplace mantel materials you can buy this shopping season. We also suggest a few things to consider when installing a mantel for your fireplace.

Choose from Different Types of Fireplace Mantel Materials for Sale

Below are the different kinds of fireplace mantel materials that are available for sale.

1. Granite Fireplace Mantel

Granite is an easy-to-maintain stone that resists heat and regular wear and tear. All these qualities make it a suitable option for a fireplace mantel.

Granite is an igneous rock formed under extreme heat, meaning it has a powerful resistance to high temperatures. So, if a hot pot or pan is placed directly on a granite countertop, for instance, it won’t be damaged. That means that the heat coming from your fireplace may not cause damage, even if it is used for a prolonged period.

Granite is low maintenance, as it won’t be stained by grime or soot collected from the burning of wood. You only need to wipe it using water and soap.

2. Marble Fireplace Mantel

Marble is a great option for a refined and stylish look that may be suitable for any home decor. Marble is made from sedimentary dolomite or limestone rock that is put under diverse levels of heat and pressure. Those levels are responsible for the distinct appearance of each slab, which comes in multiple colours and shades. Its distinct and gorgeous appearance comes from impurities of the limestone reacting to extreme pressure as well as heat that can alter it into marble.

A marble mantel is a great option that also adds a touch of sophistication without risk. This is because the heat from the fireplace will not damage this stone.

One thing you must remember: a marble fireplace mantel should be sealed to protect it from damage caused by moisture or acidic products.

3. Quartz Fireplace Mantel

This engineered stone is formed by combining almost 90% ground quartz with 10% pigments and resins. This blend makes it highly durable and long-lasting. It comes in a variety of textures and patterns. It is also non-porous, so withstands staining better than marble, concrete or granite.

A quartz fireplace mantel requires little maintenance and should not be sealed. For cleaning purposes, you only need soap, warm water and dry cloth. Moreover, it is heat-resistant so the design within the marble will not fade due to ambient heat from the fire, irrespective of whether you use wood logs or gas.

4. What to Consider When Purchasing A Fireplace Mantel


Looking to beautify your fireplace for Christmas? During our Black Friday sale, you will see significant savings on your preferred fireplace mantel. Here are the things you should consider to choose the most appropriate one.

5. Consider the Size of Your Living Space

It is important to consider the size of your room, especially the height and width of the wall where the fireplace is installed. Choose one that will neither overwhelm the room with its size nor lose importance because it is too small.

6. Check the Projection of Your Mantel

Often manufacturers will reduce the mantel’s projection to decrease manufacturing and shipping costs. This may affect the aesthetic of the fireplace mantel. This is particularly true for natural stone fireplace mantels such as marble and granite. When a fireplace loses its depth, it loses its beauty and does not look right.

7. Consider the Total Size of Your Firebox Opening

When selecting a fireplace mantel, make sure to consider the size of the firebox opening. (The firebox opening is the open space in the front portion of the firebox where it meets the outside wall of the fireplace.)

Also, remember that the filler panels present between the fireplace inside and the firebox opening must be proportional to get a bigger fireplace size.

Now you are aware of the different fireplace mantel materials available for our Black Friday sale. We also looked at the vital factors in choosing the most suitable fireplace mantel for your space. No matter what you choose, your home will benefit from its functionality and visual appeal. For more help, contact MaxSpace Stone Works. We have one of the biggest inventories of marble, quartzite, marble, quartz, porcelain and onyx in the GTA. With over one thousand slabs in stock, we sell premium products at reasonable rates without compromising on the quality.