Caesarstone countertops come in a dizzying array of colours: everything from “pure white” to “chocolate truffle” to “jet black”. Deciding exactly which colour will fit in best with your new, existing or remodeled click resources Toronto kitchen is ultimately up to you, but you may find the following suggestions helpful in simplifying the colour selection process. If you keep these various tips in mind while selecting a countertop colour you stand a decent chance of choosing one that will stand the test of time. Caesarstone Countertops – How to Determine the Right Colour

  1. une lecture fantastique Recognize the Main Players – In any kitchen there are 3 main design components that must be taken into account when making colour choices: the floor, the cabinets and the countertops. These elements will drive the colour scheme of the kitchen and must exist in harmony with each other in order to create the look and feel you want. Simply put; don’t choose a colour for one without taking the others into consideration.
  1. Starting from Scratch – If you have the luxury of starting with a blank slate – that is, a complete remodel or initial build-out – selecting a colour for your Caesarstone countertops should probably be your first big aesthetic decision. A good rule of thumb is to first coordinate the colour of the floor with that of the counter and then use the cabinet colour as an aesthetic bridge that joins the elements together. In general you want to keep your colour choices biased toward the neutral. By keeping the main visual components neutral you not only create a tastefully timeless look, you also engineer long term colour flexibility into the room itself.
  1. Augmenting an Existing Decor – If you are simply replacing your current countertops with new Caesarstone countertops be aware that whatever colour you introduce into the existing environment needs to echo and complement the underlying hues already present in the cabinets and floor. Depending on what those existing colours are, you may be able to shift the room’s overall colour scheme in a fundamental (and tasteful) way with the colour of your new countertops and provide your kitchen with a completely fresh ambiance.
  1. Lighting – Light plays a crucial role in bringing the atmospheric and spacial experience you have in mind for your kitchen to life. If you plan on installing overhead lights that will shine directly down onto the counter you will want one of our darker toned Caesarstone countertops. If, on the other hand, you plan to disperse the lighting elements around the kitchen, you will want to go with a lighter tone countertop.
  1. Creating Focal Points – Keep in mind when choosing colours for your kitchen that focal points are created not only by structural lines but by colour contrasts as well. For instance: a black countertop in a white kitchen is going to scream “Look at me!” regardless of what the lines of the room are trying to do. So use strong contrasts sparingly and only for specific, well thought out reasons.

Colour is a science and the science of colour needs to be respected when making any interior design decisions. Unless you have a compelling reason to introduce saturated or otherwise extreme tones to your kitchen, don’t. Exercise restraint, stick with neutral tones, make the most of subtle changes in colour temperature to create movement and introduce accents to direct the eye and buttress the overall colour scheme. As your Caesarstone countertops will occupy a central place in your kitchen they should act as the calm centre around which the rest of your decor revolves.