Your kitchen’s colour scheme plays a key role in setting the mood for cooking, eating and much more. But selecting the right colour for their stone countertop isn’t easy. Whether you choose marble, granite, or engineered stone, it’s a big investment. Caesarstone, in particular, is a challenging brand, as it comes in a wide range of unique colour combinations and designs that are attractive and trendy.

Tips to Choose the Colour of Your Caesarstone Countertop

Designing your dream kitchen starts with choosing the right materials in coordinated colours. Your kitchen’s colour scheme is not only defined by the colours of its walls, floors and cabinetry but your cutlery, appliances and countertop.
Below, we look at six popular Caesarstone countertop colours so you can achieve the look you want.

1. Flecked or Subtly-Veined White

One of the most common and desirable stone countertop designs is a white or off-white shade with a light multi-tonal fleck or grain to give it subtle richness. This neutral, sparkling shade goes perfectly with different kitchen styles, including rustic, modern, contemporary and traditional.

Flecked or Subtly-Veined Whit

The soft tone and subtle texture add a sense of freshness to the space with a twist of sophistication. Bright, luxurious and airy, this simple yet effective colour scheme makes a real style statement – as long as you keep it clean.
To break the monotony of white, add black stools and sink faucets, while the fine multi-tonal flecks add interest to the space. You can also uplift your kitchen’s appearance by adding greenery and flowers.

2. Pure White

Pure White

Nothing speaks contemporary like an all-white countertop. Usually only available through manufactured brands like Corian or Caesarstone, pure white countertops bring a minimalist freshness that no natural stone can match. They’re particularly suited to small spaces, such as condo kitchens, where they can give the illusion of a bigger space when paired with minimalist white or neutral cabinets.
What’s more, white stone countertops give a visual break to spaces with bold colour schemes. This is particularly applicable to modern kitchens with bright yellow cabinets and appliance casings. The white balances out the room’s richer tones to give it a soothing look. Since Caesarstone countertops resist stains, they can last for years with little maintenance.

3. Alluring Dark

Dark counters, in tones such as black or charcoal, are quite popular with contemporary kitchens. They can appear gothic in some situations and perfectly harmonious in others, depending on the colour scheme. For example, if you have dark cabinets, floors and kitchen accessories, a dark Caesarstone countertop will fit right in. If you have a neutral colour scheme (mostly in whites and pastels), a black countertop may not be the right choice.

Alluring Dark

Since white can sometimes absorb and neutralize nearby colours, a rich, dark countertop can actually be a better choice to highlight painted cabinets and other colourful kitchen accessories. Choosing a dark grey shade over pure black will balance the look, so it’s advisable to choose charcoal-coloured countertops in most situations. Remember, it’s never wise to have just one large black element in your design, as it may stand out too much. Instead, it’s best to introduce other elements of black such as simple black cabinet knobs and pulls.

4. Unconventional Brown

White countertops are an evergreen trend as they look elegant, minimalistic and clean in any kitchen. Their pure white background and specks of grey and veined patterning lend intense richness to any space, but brown countertops are a trending home improvement product.
Available in different shades of brown like auburn, chestnut, and tan, these countertops give a modern touch to an otherwise traditional and classic-style kitchen. The best thing about them is that they match other kitchen elements like wooden cabinets, drawers, steel kitchen appliances, sink tops, chairs or chimneypieces.

5. Matte Neutrals

In modern interiors, less is more. Neutral matte-finish Caesarstone countertops in shades of taupe, grey, white and cream give your kitchen a subtle, stylish appearance. They look stunning alongside bright kitchen accessories like colourful crockery, cutlery trays, coasters and patterned towels. While high-gloss countertop surfaces have been popular for ages, matte neutral-toned ones are currently trendy. With bright overhead lights, colourful backsplashes and a touch of greenery, your kitchen is sure to impress.

6. Striking Bold Veins

Boldly veined Caesarstone countertops are the talk of the season. Usually, the bolder the veining on your countertop, the more you need to balance the look. While the white or neutral shade keeps the look relatively muted, the bold grey veins bring character without going over the top.
That being said, the size of your kitchen will be a key factor in determining the look of your countertop. For example, large waterfall cabinets with bold veined countertops fit perfectly into big and open-style kitchens. This doesn’t mean they’re unsuitable for small kitchens. For compact spaces, you can use the same stone for the countertop and backsplash to create a striking, statement look.
To find out if a richly-veined Caesarstone is the right choice, bring home a large sample of the stone to see if it matches your existing kitchen decor elements.
Choosing the right colour for your Caesarstone kitchen countertop can be overwhelming, especially the first time. Get inspired by these countertop colour trends, use your creativity, and cook up some magic in your kitchen.