Granite is an easily workable, strong and durable stone that allows it to be used in various areas throughout the household.  Granite is available in a variety of colours while it’s characteristic flecks give it a unique look.  Here’s a list of some the best ways to use granite in your home.


Probably the most common use of granite is for countertops.  Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, granite is used because it’s easy to clean while water, heat and mold resistant.  Granite lends itself well to both traditional and modern looks and its variety of colours means there will always be a piece to match your decor.

Kitchen Backsplashes

For the same reason that it works well for countertops, granite creates impressive kitchen backsplashes. It’s water and mold resistance will protect the walls of your kitchen while giving the entire room an elegant look.

Bathroom Sinks

Granite sinks are available in all types of styles and models. Granite sinks typically lend a modern look to bathrooms, although they can be incorporated to also work with a rustic theme. Natural variations in the granite itself will ensure that your sink is one-of-a-kind.

Table Tops

Granite makes for stylish table tops, whether used for dining, coffee tables, side tables or desktops.  Granite table tops come in a variety of shapes such as rectangular, circular or something more unique, depending on what works best for the room.

Fireplace Surrounds And Mantles

Granite is a popular stone for fireplace surrounds and mantles.  Granite panels can be used alongside other materials to give a contrasting appearance around the fireplace.  It can be used in solid panels or separated into blocks to break up the visual lines.   


Polished granite tiles can be used to great dramatic effect as a flooring material.  Their reflective capabilities suit a wide array of settings and furnishings and may be found in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and beyond

Granite is a highly versatile stone with a multitude of uses around the house.  Its natural beauty, as well as its strength and durability, allow it to be used all around the home.  Both functional and decorative, granite is a material that can act as a centerpiece or a compliment.