When it comes to jazzing up your walls to make a statement, there are many options. Concrete can create an industrial look; paint is great for a vibrant or classic appeal; wallpapers invoke the vintage; and ceramic tiles are unique.
One material that’s become popular because of its natural warmth and timeless look is natural stone. This beautiful and durable material not only enhances your interiors but increases your home’s value.
Haven’t considered stone cladding before? You’ll be surprised how unique they make your walls. Let’s look at their advantages.

Why Consider Stone Wall Cladding?

Using natural stones like limestone, marble and granite is a great way to spruce up bare and boring walls. Apart from their appearance, they offer many other benefits.

1) They Have a Natural Look and Feel

They Have a Natural Look and Feel

Stones have a natural beauty that adds warmth and gives a timeless appeal to your living space. The fading of colours, unconventional veins, attractive patterns, and impressions of fossils make natural stone cladding a creative addition to any home.

2) They’re Durable

Thick slabs of natural stone are strong and can last a long time. So it makes sense that stone wall cladding is able to withstand adverse weather conditions and everyday wear and tear while lasting for many years.

3) They Have Insulating Properties

Apart from enhancing your property’s appearance, stone cladding also helps provide optimum insulation. Since rocks and natural stones have calcite and silicates, outside walls with stone cladding are ideal for standing up to harsh weather.
Also, they’re heat resistant and act as natural insulators, thus blocking heat, cold and moisture from entering your home. This keeps down your heating and cooling costs.

4) They Dampen Sound

Stone wall cladding not only keeps you cozy by acting as an insulator but also dampens outside noise. You can take advantage of stone’s natural sound-dampening qualities to maintain silence in your bedroom or keep your neighbour’s loud music from disturbing your sleep.

5) They Increase Property Value

Natural stone is a smart investment to increase your home’s value, whether you use it as a flooring material or for wall cladding. It will in turn offer a good return on your investment when you sell the property.
Since natural stones are durable and less susceptible to damage compared to other wall cladding materials, their longevity is unmatched. That’s why buyers prefer homes with natural stone elements.

6) They’re Versatile

They're Versatile

Stone cladding can be used in a variety of applications inside and outside your house. For example, slate wall cladding in your living room adds warmth and depth, while a black granite wall in your bedroom adds texture. Rock wall cladding on your patio’s exterior wall adds drama, and marble wall cladding at your home’s entrance creates a great first impression on visitors.

7) They’re Easy to Clean

They're Easy to Clean

Stone wall cladding is easy to maintain. In fact, permanent stains are rare. Clean the nooks, crannies and intricate designs on the stone tiles using a soft brush and mixture of water and dishwashing solution. For regular cleaning, dusting will do.

8) They Come In a Variety of Colours and Patterns

When you choose stone cladding, whether natural or artificial, you have plenty of choices as to styling and finishing. From sophisticated marble to vibrant onyx, there are a variety of colours and patterns to match your home decor. You can create a two-tone scheme for a captivating look, or make a statement with contrasting colours to enhance your home’s visual appeal. You can also mix and match stones to give your walls an unconventional and personalized touch.

9) They’re Easy to Install

One of the significant benefits of stone cladding is that it’s extremely easy to install. The tiles come in a set instead of random pieces and all you need is a bare wall to install them on.
If you’re a DIY pro, finishing a wall takes little time as the tiles are easy to install and quick to set. To achieve a flawless finish, contact a stone cladding professional.

10) They’re Cost Effective

Natural stones are expensive, so it makes sense to assume that stone wall cladding is too. But as there’s no ongoing maintenance, like painting and sanding, it’s actually a cost-effective addition to your home that increases its value.
Give your walls a makeover with stone cladding. This versatile installation not only accentuates your boring walls with beautiful stones but enhances your property’s aesthetic and visual appeal. Once you add stone cladding, you can rest assured it will last for years, offer a good return on investment, and save on your energy bills.