Many of us have a favourite bar. We appreciate the service, the friendliness of the bartenders, and the drinks.

We also appreciate the overall look and feel of the space, from the lighting to the bar countertop. You want the space to be stylish and functional so first-time visitors will become regulars. Many design aspects determine the impact your bar will have on your customers. Here are some important design tips bar owners should consider when looking to improve their guests’ experience.

How to Design a Functional and Attractive Bar

A bar’s design sets the tone of its guests’ experience. Here are some tips to help you design a more successful bar.

1. Know What You Need

Know What You Need

Just like a six-person family requires a three-bedroom home, you wouldn’t want a bar with one station if you intend to serve more than 500 guests a night. So, before you start designing your bar, you should know exactly how much space will be needed for your beverage program.

This makes it necessary to define the ambition of your program and the style and number of drinks you’ll be serving. By considering these factors, you’ll better understand the volume and clientele of your drink. This will allow you to understand what equipment you need, including glassware, refrigeration, specialty ice and dedicated freezers.

It’s also vital to analyze the overall space, including the size of the bar countertop, the number of seats, any labour constraints, your projected sales, and the hours of operation. All of this will help you understand how many stations will be required to accommodate your customers.

2. Think About Your Client Base

Who are your regulars going to be? Are they out-of-towners on vacation, commuters working in nearby office towers catching a quick after-work drink, or locals spending the evening? By considering your clientele, you’ll better understand their needs and be able to design a successful bar that caters to them.

3. Choose a Suitable Bar Countertop Material

Choosing a suitable bar top material can be difficult given the many options. Here is an overview of some of the most popular materials and how they differ.

Choose a Suitable Bar Countertop Material

  • Granite

If you have a high-end bar design, you can’t go wrong with a granite bar countertop. Granite is a natural and durable material available in a wide range of patterns and colours.

It’s also an expensive material that requires professional installation and periodic sealing to keep its beauty intact. Darker colours are recommended as granite is a porous material so prone to staining.

  • Onyx

This popular choice will enhance your bar’s overall visual appeal. It’s a stunning and exotic stone that adds an extravagant touch to any space.

Generally available in light and pastel colours, onyx features a rich parallel layer with contrasting colours.

One feature that makes onyx so popular for bars is its translucency. This aspect allows bar owners to use backlighting to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Note: Onyx is an expensive material and is vulnerable to damage by bases and acids.

  • Marble

Marble is a naturally occurring material that has been used in buildings and sculptures for centuries. Its unrivalled elegance makes it ideal for bar countertops of any shape or size. Its classic appearance will increase the value of your property, while its beauty and subtle veins add an air of luxury. To ensure that beauty remains intact, proper periodic sealing is required.

4. Consider Space Constraints

Consider Space Constraints

Accurate measurements help determine your bar’s functionality. After all, your bartenders need enough space in order not to restrict their movements and efficiency. It’s important to have at least three feet between the bar top and liquor shelves to ensure freedom of movement.

5. Have Ample Lighting

Lighting is just as important as your bar’s blueprint. Popular bar lighting styles include rope lights, pendants and under cabinet lighting. They illuminate your bar adequately making it the focal point of the room.

Designing the bar of your dreams requires considerable time, effort and money. Careful planning and organization will give you a more realistic idea about how to bring this project to fruition. Following these tips will prove useful in doing just that.