When people talk about their dream countertop, they go in detail about the material, colour, pattern, and maybe even a little about the shape if they’re also describing their kitchen layout. You don’t often hear them talking about the edge finishing though. It may be because the sheer number of edge finishing options can be quite overwhelming: there are classic finishes, modern finishes, even laminated edge finishes – and those are just very loose groupings. What’s more, just to add to the confusion, everyone also seems to have a different name for every edge available.


For the most part, people don’t think about what type of countertop edge they want until their countertop manufacturer asks them that question – and that’s fine because it’s a finishing detail that’s unique with every manufacturer. At the end of the day though, you still need to discuss with your countertop manufacturer to see what edge finishes they offer as well as what edge is best suited for your kitchen design.


To help you with that conversation, here are a few countertop edge types to consider along with their more commonly accepted names:



This is the simplest finish to do because it’s just straight 90-degree edges all around. Keep in mind though that you’ll never get truly straight and sharp edges – they’ll always be slightly rounded. This is done for safety to decrease risk of injury when bumping into edges as well as for practicality to prevent easy chipping of edges and corners. This edge gives your kitchen a modern, streamlined look.



A slightly more rounded top edge makes the eased edge more comfortable to lean on while still preserving the clean, modern feel of the square edge.



This is another variation on the square edge where the top edge is cut at a 45-degree angle to slope downward. It’s a subtle way to bring focus to the countertop because light will reflect off the edge at a different angle than the surface, which creates a nice gem-like contrast to enhance the countertop stone as a whole. With its clean angles, the bevel edge fits very well in a contemporary kitchen theme.



The bullnose takes out all the angles and rounds out the sharpness into a soft, semi-circular edge profile. It’s an edge that’s versatile enough to blend in any design. One drawback about this edge though is that any spills on the counter may trickle down along the curved edge into the cabinetry below. As long as you take care to wipe up all liquids immediately before they reach the edge, it’ll be fine.



This edge is a direct response to the spillage drawback of the full bullnose. It keeps the same curving aesthetics on the top, but maintains the bottom edge on a point so that spills would trickle to the floor instead.



The beauty of this edge is that it gives the illusion that the countertop is of a thicker slab. Although this detail can make the countertop the focal point in the kitchen like classic ornate edges do, the sleek lines of the mitered edge allow it to be used in a contemporary design as well.


Dupont, French Cove, and Ogee

The Dupont, French cove, and Ogee (shown respectively above) are all classic edges that draw attention to the countertop with their dramatic, curving flairs. If you want your countertop to be the centrepiece of the kitchen, definitely go with one of these edges because they will make it stand out for sure. These three edges will give your kitchen an air of elegance and luxury.


There really is no end to the edges you can finish your countertop with – the ones above are just some of the more well-known ones. If you also throw in the mix laminated edges – which are essentially edge extensions cemented along the bottom edge of countertops – you get an almost exponential increase to the number of edge combinations you can make. Some manufacturers also have their own unique edge designs they can customise for you. So rather than getting caught off guard when you’re asked what countertop edge you want, reach out to your local countertop manufacturer right at the beginning of the design stage to see what edge options they offer. This way, you’ll get the full picture of what your dream countertop will look like.