Is your kitchen renovation underway? Can’t wait to cook for your friends and layout their meals on your raised bar countertop?
As your granite countertop becomes a reality, it’s a good idea to consider what countertop installation issues may arise in your Toronto home. By being well informed, you can ensure your project runs smoothly.
So, what mistakes should you avoid when selecting granite for your kitchen countertop?

Common Granite Countertop Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here are some granite countertop installation mistakes to watch out for.

1. Going Too Thick

Granite slabs aren’t meant to be glued together. This is because while your granite slabs will last many years, the adhesives can’t offer the same durability.
So, if you’ve chosen a slab that is 1.5 inches thick but want something thicker, you may consider gluing two slabs together to create the desired look. Don’t! As mentioned, the glue will start deteriorating and the slabs will have gaps between them, which will lead to irreparable damage.

2. Cracking During Installation

Another possible issue you may notice either during or after installation is a few cracks on your slab. While it could occur on any part, the area that often suffers the most during a countertop installation is around the sink. For some homeowners, it’s not a major issue; for others, it is.
If your granite countertop installation results in cracks on your slab, immediately notify your countertop installer. In most instances, they will take care of it without any additional cost.

3. Not Paying Attention to the Edges

It’s common for homeowners to choose an unsuitable countertop edge. This is an important choice, especially if you have small children.
So, it’s best to decide on the edging before the installation. Remember, once installed, the only way to change the edging is to remove and reinstall the slabs.

4. Using a Top-Mounted Sink

If you’ve chosen to go with granite kitchen countertops, take advantage of every benefit the material has to offer. This includes its ability to support under-mounted sinks. While sinks installed at lower levels create a sleek and clean appearance, it also makes everyday cleaning tasks easier as you can simply sweep spills and dirt directly into it.
However, for homeowners who opt for a top-mounted sink, it will be difficult to clean the space daily, resulting in it harbouring bacteria and germs. Furthermore, it will detract from the beauty of the natural stone as a large section will be hidden under the sink.

5. Not Levelling the Sink

While with a granite countertop you have the option to have an under-mounted sink, it will also make cleaning easier. However, if the sink is not levelled properly with the countertop, the loose particles and spills will most likely roll in different directions, which will make everyday tasks a lot more difficult.
Anyone working within the space will also have to clean up after themselves. This is necessary as you don’t want dirt and spills to accumulate on the sides of kitchen cabinets. In the long run, it would mean added expenses as it could lead to damage that results in your cabinets needing to be changed sooner than expected.

Additional Maintenance Tips:

Once your granite countertop installation is complete, you should choose commercial cleaning supplies deemed safe for natural stones to ensure it remains in good condition. Steer clear of cleaners that are used on other surfaces as they can damage the stone and its sealant. Some things to watch out for are:

  • Ammonia
  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Tile cleaners
  • Anything with strong alkalis or acids
  • Glass cleaners

Most of these substances are abrasive and acidic and will destroy the sealant and countertop with continuous exposure. This will make your granite countertop more susceptible to staining.

Your best bet is to use warm water with mild dish soap and a soft washcloth to wipe the soap and water away once you’re done.

While it may sound like a bad scenario, remember that just because something may go wrong doesn’t mean that it will. Your best bet when installing a countertop is to be alert and updated regarding what is happening. And be careful whole buying granite countertops. It will help you avoid problems before they start.