Granite is a highly sought-after countertop material. Especially popular in high-traffic rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, granite countertops are a good investment because they stand the test of time in both their appearances and durability.

But installing granite countertops can be costly, which may give some homeowners pause. In Toronto, the price of granite countertops can vary widely, from as low as $39 per square foot to as high as $200 (including installation).

Here are some key factors that determine granite countertop pricing in Toronto:

Factors That Determine the Cost of Granite Countertops

If you know the benefits of kitchen granite countertops and want to incorporate them into your house, there are some basics you should know about how to purchase this material.


Granite covers nearly 80% of the earth’s surface, so there is a huge difference in colours as well as patterns depending on the source of the stone. Some colours and patterns are more common, so your granite’s cost will largely depend upon the rarity of the stone. Popular granite stone fabricators such as MaxSpace Stone Works classify these features into grades or levels.

For example, level 1granite is the least expensive because it comes in common colours and simple patterns. Level 2 has more complex patterns, two or more colour combinations, and less common colours. Level 3 granite includes rare or exotic colours (such as blue or green) and complex patterns.

It is important to note that these classifications do not indicate the quality or durability of the granite; only its relative availability. For example, level 1 granite may be just as or even more durable than a level 3 slab.


Granite comes from many quarries around the world. Therefore, its location will be a factor in the price because it costs more to ship granite from further away. Shipping granite from Brazil or Spain to Canada will add to its price. As a rule of thumb, the distance from the source to its final destination will have a direct relationship to price.


The sizes of granite slabs differ widely, but the average length is about 105 inches, while the average width is nearly 54. But since you pay for kitchen countertops per square foot, the actual slab size will not have that much of an effect on the final price.

What is the thickness? In most cases, the producers cut granite slabs from blocks in 2 and 3 cm thicknesses. Generally, the thicker the slab, the more expensive and durable it is. You might get exotic granite at about the same price as common granite by simply choosing a thinner slab. You can ensure the longevity of a thinner slab by providing the proper support.


Most people associate granite with long slabs of stone, and these are the most desirable cuts for kitchen countertops. Producers actually cut granite into modules and tiles as well, usually to utilize odd-sized blocks and remnants.

The advantage of slabs over modules and tiles is that they look better. Granite slabs require fewer seams than modules and tiles, so it presents a smoother, sleeker look. Kitchen countertops made of granite modules and tiles may be just as durable as those made from slabs.

It is advisable that you choose granite modules and tiles if you have a small budget. Slabs cost between $39 and $200 per square foot, installed. Tiles cost between $6 and $10and modules between $25 and $40, but these last two do not include installation costs. Tiles are a more budget-friendly option and work well as backsplashes. You may want to go for level 1 granite slabs instead of exotic modular granite instead.


This can be a big factor in the final price of granite countertops in Toronto. Labour includes the cost of fabricating or cutting and installing your granite slabs. Many granite retailers will sell you just the slabs, so you have the option to cut and install it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.

In those cases, the cost of installing granite countertops is roughly the same as the price of the granite slab. For example, if the slab costs $30 per square foot, hiring a professional to install it will also cost you $30 per square foot. A reputable supplier may offer packages that include the stone and installation at a very reasonable price.


Granite countertops pricing in Toronto isn’t static, but the more flexible you are about rarity, dimension, grade, cut, origin, and labour, the more you can save. Indeed, choosing a granite countertop within your budget can be a challenge. Selecting a suitable product is much easier if you hire a reliable contractor. Their experience allows them to advise you on the best options for your home and budget.