Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and more homeowners are choosing to have granite countertops installed there for a variety of reasons.

From beautiful colours and patterns to their incredible durability and lifespan, granite countertops have many benefits, making them a great selection for your kitchen remodels.

Let’s go over the top 11 reasons for choosing granite countertops in Toronto.

Why Choose Granite Kitchen Countertops?

Granite kitchen countertops in Toronto are increasingly popular among homeowners for a variety of reasons.

1. They’re Resistant to Scratching and Chipping

Granite is a hard rock. Its durable surface will not chip, scratch, or break down, even after decades of use. When it comes to fabrication, it takes steel-cutting lasers to penetrate this stone and cut it into slabs. If you’re worried about kids marking it or a night’s entertainment causing marks, you don’t need to worry as the surface is resistant to scratches and chips.

2. They Are Affordable

Granite kitchen countertops are highly affordable so likely available within your budget. Prices range between $40 and $200 per square foot, including installation. This price range can depend on a few factors, particularly the thickness of the slab. However, with an estimated 30-year life expectancy, your granite selection is sure to pay off.

3. They Look Beautiful

Appearance is one of the key reasons why people choose granite for their kitchen countertops. Because granite countertops are made of a naturally mined stone, each slab is unique. Granite is also available in multiple colours and patterns, with distinct specks, swirls, and vein patterns. These give your countertop a dramatic look that creates an eye-catching feature piece in the kitchen.

4. They Are Heat, Stain, and Moisture-Resistant

Not only will the surface not scratch or chip, but it’s even resistant to heat and moisture. Granite is a porous stone and therefore does not need sealing to ensure it is also stain-resistant. This sealant must be reapplied annually, but this is a comparatively small task as it guards against all of those inevitable coffee or wine spills.

Granite’s durability means you can place a hot skillet down on it without causing it to warp.

5. They Are Flat and Level

Anyone who loves cooking knows how difficult it is to work on a surface with bumps, ridges, or dents. With granite countertops, you’ll enjoy perfectly smooth surfaces that will stay flat and even, no matter how much you work on them. It’s ideal for any professional or amateur chef, as they can work directly on granite without fear of damaging the surface or ruining delicate desserts or pastries.

6. They Are Easy to Clean

Thinking about how to clean these stunning granite countertops? Just wipe off dirt, dust, or leftover food ingredients from the smooth and polished surface to keep them looking attractive and brand new. Professionally-sealed granite countertops ensure that nothing will soak into the surface and ruin the stone’s finish, thereby maintaining a beautiful finish.

7. They Are Perfect for Families with Kids & Pets

A kitchen is a space where memories are made. Therefore, countertops must withstand all the spills, drops, and human interaction that entails. The durability of granite allows it to withstand any spill, the accidental setting down of a hot pan, and even the claws of pesky cats jumping up on counters.

8. Each Slab Is Unique

Since granite is a natural stone, no two slabs are alike. This means your choice will be unique, offering a custom kitchen finish that no one can imitate. This is a big advantage of granite countertops as you can readily find a slab that embodies your personal style.

9. They Add Value to Your Home

Investing in your kitchen is a good way to enhance the value of your home, and a high-quality material like granite can instantly upgrade your space. Far from being a fad, granite countertops represent a timeless and classic kitchen design and will make your home highly sought after by buyers.

10. They’re Environmentally Friendly

Since they are made completely from natural stone, granite countertops are great for the environment. The granite also maintains a beautiful and natural appearance that improves the look and feel of the kitchen while providing environment-friendly countertops that last.

11. They Are Sustainable Products

Granite is very near complete as a countertop material in its natural state. Once quarried, minimal processing is required to prepare it for your kitchen. By comparison, engineered materials have a complicated production process which often includes toxic chemicals and harmful emissions.

When you think about a long-lasting stone to serve as the backdrop for all of your family gatherings, granite countertops can handle them all. With so many perks, this durable countertop is a good option for your kitchen renovation. Contact our countertop fabricators and choose the best granite countertops in Toronto. Look at our granite samples and then select the one that will go best with your family’s kitchen.