History of Marble Stone

Marble is among the oldest, most expensive stones. It forms as a result of limestone being compressed and exposed to heat over time. This metamorphic rock was popular in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome where off-white and white marble was used to construct sculptures, tombs and massive pillars. Today, marble is used for various structural and aesthetic purposes such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors, walls and fireplaces, among other home elements. Additionally, it’s no longer just for the wealthy and is available for homeowners to incorporate into their décor.

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Factors Determining the Cost of Marble

•  Country of Origin

Marble slabs vary in price depending upon their country of origin. This means that marble mined locally is likely cheaper than a slab shipped from another country. Additionally, marble from Brazil and Italy generally costs more as the buyer needs to pay import/export taxes alongside shipping costs.

•  Specialty Edges

Be it a bevelled edge or waterfall effect, the design you want for your countertop plays into the price. Specialty formations tend to cost much more as they require more time to fabricate. However, it’s important to select the edge as it will impact the overall design.

•  Thickness

The thickness of your marble slab is another cost factor. Three varieties are most common: ¾” or 2cm, 1 ¼” or 3 cm and 2” or 5 cm. The thicker the slab, the pricier it will be, thereby increasing your budget.

Abrascato Venato
Bianco Carrara
Crema Marfil
Elegant Linear Black
Emperador Dark
Stone Gray


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Marble Offcuts or Remnants

Offcuts, or remnants, refer to marble leftovers once the slab has been cut according to the dimensions of a countertop, floor cladding, walkway or other product. They vary in size and never have the same colour or pattern, making them a unique and contrasting addition to any décor. The sizes can vary from 2 ft. to 10 ft., making them perfect for small jobs. At MaxSpace Stone Works Inc., we have experience working with marble offcuts. Come take a look at our selection and save on your next mini-project.

Color Name Type Size Price Savings
Frosty Carrera CaesarStone 20X20 $1800 ($500)
Frosty Carrera Marble 20 sq ft $1500 ($400)
Frosty Carrera Marble 50 sq ft $1000 ($300)

Different Ways to Incorporate Marble into Homes 


Marble Fireplaces

A marble fireplace adds a sense of luxury and elegance to your home. They’re resistant to heat and fire and are easy to clean. Available in a wide variety of options, it can match your décor to create a dramatic effect with its unique veining patterns.


Marble Countertops

Marble is a durable material resistant to scratches, breaks and cracks. It’s heat resistant and remains cool to the touch, making it perfect for kitchens. When properly installed sealed and maintained, you will enjoy its beauty for many years to come.


Marble Flooring

Marble is a scratch-resistant material that works well in high traffic areas. Its smooth finish offers a lovely shine once polished. Being eco-friendly, it doesn’t require any chemical processes during manufacture which makes it a biodegradable option for homes.

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Marble Fabrication & Installation Services

MaxSpace Stone Works Inc. is a provider of Toronto’s most unique marble. We take pride in offering the highest quality services to our clients with a range of colours and patterns to fit your needs. Our marble products will add a touch of distinction, beauty and exceptional value to your home. Our fabrication services ensure you have peace of mind knowing your marble surface will be made with skill, expertise and quality workmanship. Our fabrication process includes:


  • A design approved by the client
  • Determining the best product to fit your needs
  • Cutting the natural stone to the client’s specifications
  • Installing the product on a scheduled date of the client’s choosing

Our installation process is precise and executed carefully by experienced staff. Our installation process includes:

  • Showing up on time at the project location
  • Carefully installing the product
  • Sealing the stone to offer preservation


We recommend the best marble for your home.






We will guide you through the steps, in whatever way you need us to.

  • Consultation

    We suggest the best products to fit your needs.
  • Measurement

    Our skilled team will take proper measurements of the space.
  • Fabrication

    We design the product based on your specifications.
  • Installations

    We are on time to install the final product.

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Do I need to seal my marble countertop?
Since marble is a porous material, it needs to be sealed to prevent it from absorbing liquids. Marble slabs contain many pores, making it easy for the stone to absorb liquids from spills, especially in a room such as a kitchen. So, it’s necessary to have a marble countertop sealed as soon as installation is complete.
Since marble is a natural stone, where can I use it?
It can be used both inside and outside your home. The durability of natural stone gives it the advantage of being used in any part of a home, including but not limited to countertops, fireplace surrounds, vanity tops, wall cladding and flooring.
What benefits do I enjoy when using marble in my home?
Marble has numerous benefits to enjoy when installed in your home in any form. Some benefits to incorporating marble into your home include durability, ease of maintenance, increased property value, heat and scratch resistance.
Will my marble chip?
Marble is softer than other stones so it’s best to be careful around it. Marble is considerably softer than quartz, granite and other stones, so you should be careful not to bang heavy objects such as pots and pans into it, especially towards the centre of the stone.
Will my product have visible seams?
Most installations require a seam during installation. Most stones need a seam during installation. You can work with your fabricator during the design and layout process to place them in a less conspicuous manner. However, no matter how many seams your product has, it will appear to have a smooth and seamless finish.
Should I worry about my white marble turning yellow?
To prevent your white marble surface from turning yellow, avoid exposing it to water for an extended period of time. White marble surfaces tend to turn brown or yellow when exposed to water for a long period. It may also happen if the product is exposed to harsh chemicals such as acids found in foods and bleach. Although the stone can be repaired, it’s best to contact an expert with the skills to take care of the problem.

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