It might seem like a small bathroom design detail, but the custom shower niche has become a necessity  in modern bathrooms.

It’s a reliable, stable and discreet storage solution for shampoo bottles and soaps so you don’t have a jumble of items crowding a windowsill or the floor. Aside from taking care of clutter, it enhances your bathroom’s overall design and creates a focal point within your shower area.

Since open showers and clear glass surrounds are all the rage these days in bathroom design, the shower niche is becoming an important design element too.

Is it a good idea for your bathroom design? To decide, read this post.

Custom Shower Niches

Here’s What You Need to Know About Custom Shower Niches

Building a custom shower niche keeps your bathroom looking luxurious, organized and clean.

What Is a Shower Niche?

A shower niche is a permanent recessed shelf space in the shower wall used to store essentials like soap, shampoo and the like. It’s encased within the tile wall which is waterproofed and finished. This lets you use the wall as storage space instead of having to install additional storage units or shower caddies. They can also be installed around bathtubs.

How Many Types of Shower Niches Are There?

There are mainly two types: prefabricated and custom.

A custom shower niche is generally built from scratch and requires a framed box to be constructed between the wall studs. The box is then covered with a tile backer board that’s waterproofed and then tiled. Although it can be time-consuming and slightly more expensive to install than a prefabricated one, you have the benefit of customizing the look and size to suit your needs.

A prefabricated shower niche is easier to tile, waterproof and install. It can be made from foam board, stainless steel or plastic, and the surface is designed to be tiled. However, they come in a limited number of standard sizes.

Where Should You Begin?

When planning to install a custom shower niche, there are certain things you need to consider to perfect the design.

  • First, how many shower and bath products are you looking to keep in your bathroom? Some of the most common items people use shower niches for are bars of soap, liquid body wash, shampoo/conditioner bottles, hair treatment kits, scrubs, razors and exfoliating mitts. Once you’ve determined which items you’re going to use the space for, you’ll have a better idea of the height, width and depth you’ll need.
  • If more than one person is using the shower, choose a design that lets you easily separate the products for each. This allows you to locate what you need without a fuss.

Answering these questions in the beginning will influence how your shower niche will looks once complete.

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Custom Shower Niche?

Custom shower niches come in handy in shared and small bathrooms.

If you’ve ever used shelves or a shower caddy, you’ll enjoy the space a niche frees up. They’re not bulky or hard to clean so won’t make the shower area look messy.

If you’re in the process of designing or remodelling your bathroom, it can be an inexpensive addition that offers a great spot to store your essentials.

Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy by adding one to your bathroom.

  • A customized niche blends in with your shower area but stands out as a design element. You can add a splash of colour or have it constructed in a unique shape.
  • Your bathroom will have additional space to store everyday essentials.
  • Its dimensions can be customized. Additionally, you can add shelves to increase the storage space.
  • It keeps your tub and shower area clutter-free and makes the space aesthetically appealing.
  • It can be installed at virtually any height.

Top Ideas for a Custom Shower Niche

Say goodbye to using the corner of your tub or the floor to store shower essentials. Enhance the overall design of the space with a custom shower niche.

  1. Use the Same Material Applied on the Walls

A shower niche doesn’t have to be just about making a statement. If you’re in search of a minimalist, contemporary style, you can use the same tiles to construct the niche as the ones used on the walls. This creates a seamless transition, especially when using colours like brown, grey and anything with a wood-like finish.

  1. Spread It Along the Whole Wall

Your custom shower niche can be as big as you want it to be. If necessary, use the entire length of the wall. This is a great option for both large and small bathrooms and adds a sense of depth, making the shower area appear more spacious.

  1. Decorate with Mosaic Tiles

Shower niches offer a great opportunity to play with colours and patterns, and to introduce textures. A good way to achieve this is to use mosaic tiles. They offer a sophisticated appearance and bring about an exceptional result.

  1. Place the Niche in a Geometric Pattern

Placing custom niches on either side of the shower walls offers your bathroom a sense of harmony and balance. This can also be a practical idea, offering more storage space.

  1. Highlight It with Proper Illumination

If you want the niche to be the highlight of your shower area, or bathroom for that matter, install a thin light at the bottom or top. This will create a satisfying effect and focal point that commands attention.

When designing or remodelling your bathroom, you’ll love the extra storage space. If you share your bathroom, a custom shower niche is an excellent choice that will make the time you spend there more pleasant and efficient. It will also work as an interesting design element and style statement.