There are a lot of features you can build in for the farmhouse look. What comes next is how you arrange all the small details to complete the look.


Here’s what to keep an eye out for:



A farmhouse kitchen just wouldn’t be the same without a farmhouse-style apron-front sink. The deep and roomy apron-front sink is designed that way because farmhouse owners use them for much more than just washing dishes. They’re used for laundry and even bathing babies! In a modern house, it’ll definitely make washing large stacks of dishes easier. Fireclay and copper are great farmhouse sink materials. Complete the look by installing an oversized swan-neck faucet with a matte metal finish.

If you decide on a copper sink, you can put in more copper accents on the range hood and light fixtures. And remember to mount a pot rack above the kitchen island. Hanging pots and pans from the ceiling is a familiar sight in farmhouse kitchens. Some pot racks can even be combined with a lighting fixture. Take your time to pick out a distinctive piece.



Meals are often taken in a farmhouse kitchen so large dinner tables are part of the décor. If you find an antique table or build one out of reclaimed wood, try going for pine as the material of choice. The more pronounced knots on this type of wood gives the table a sturdy and homey look. You can then get a matching set of wooden chairs or better yet, place several mismatched vintage chairs around the table. Don’t be afraid to have mismatched items because that will add to the farmhouse appeal.

Whenever you can, use repurposed fabrics for the tablecloth. Do the same for the upholstery of the chairs and kitchen island stools. Gingham or plaid fabric patterns will give the kitchen that country air. Lace is also a good fabric for the theme while also complementing white walls and countertops.

Don’t forget to put in a vintage hutch to display your best dishes and other knick-knacks. Paint it the same colour as your cabinets so that it fits in with the surroundings.



While your best dishes are displayed on the vintage hutch, your everyday dishes and cookware can go on the open shelving. Select dishes and cookware that complement the colour scheme or the rustic theme of the kitchen. Another terrific farmhouse display idea is an open shelf of mason jars with individual herbs and spices.

On the walls, you can hang up an antique clock as well as some antique signs that relate to farm life. On the marble countertop, store your wooden cooking utensils out in the open with ceramic or galvanized metal pitchers as the containers. And last but not least, a farmhouse kitchen can’t go without fresh flowers in a vintage vase on the dinner table. If you have space for a flower garden, you can create your own eco-conscious supply of fresh flowers for all seasons.


This where you can have lots of fun hunting around in flea markets for the perfect vintage item. For larger furniture pieces, do your research on market prices and browse for bargains in antique stores. Be patient with the acknowledgement that it can take a while to get everything you want. On the day that happens, celebrate in style with a big batch of home-baked goods!