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How to Design a Family-Friendly Bathroom – Part 1

  Last year’s Statistics Canada census showed that multigenerational households have increased by 37.5{2d6e0fa96fc41ec19eb0fe4913e38166898bc1a950c39c5d60af299502ec46d5} since 2001. The National Post article examines the various facets of this trend. Regardless of whether your own transition is for cultural or financial reasons, you have to account for that reality as you design your home. The challenge is finding [...]

Benefits of Custom Shower Niches – Design Tips for Your Bathroom

It might seem like a small bathroom design detail, but the custom shower niche has become a necessity  in modern bathrooms. It's a reliable, stable and discreet storage solution for shampoo bottles and soaps so you don’t have a jumble of items crowding a windowsill or the floor. Aside from taking care of clutter, it [...]