If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen or bathroom, and replacing your current countertops with high quality surfaces, we, along with many other industry professionals, think that Caesarstone countertops are your best choice. People from all over the world have installed countertops made from this manufacturer’s composite quartz in their homes and there are a number of very good reasons why they have done so. Below, we have summarised what we feel are the most important factors that make these quartz countertops such a great choice in kitchens and bathrooms across the globe.
What Caesarstone Countertops Have to Offer

When you compare this manufacturer’s products with the alternative materials from which countertops may be manufactured, they comes out on top in every single area, save perhaps initial cost. However, when it comes to calculating which types of materials represent the best value over time, Caesarstone again scores very highly, owing to its durable nature. Below, we summarise the qualities that have made this material the first choice for so many homeowners and countertop fabricators, not only in Canada but all over the world.

  • Choice of Colours – They have some of the most popular colours currently available and one of the widest selections too. If you want to install a particular colour surface to complement the existing décor in your kitchen or bathroom, you will almost certainly be able to do so if you choose Caesarstone countertops.
  • Availability – The entire range is readily available at all times so no matter when you want to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom countertops, you will have no problem purchasing and installing new ones made from Caesarstone engineered quartz.
  • Durability – As mentioned above, surfaces that are manufactured from this material are extremely durable, which in the long term means that they represent better value for money than cheaper plastic laminate surfaces. These cheaper surfaces often deteriorate rapidly and could need replacing several times over during the average lifespan of a single high quality quartz surface. Caesarstone countertops could last as long as your home if cared for properly.
  • Quality Control – The problem with cheaper countertops, even when they are made from better quality materials rather than laminate, is that they often vary very widely in terms of quality and uniformity of colour. No such problems are encountered when using Caesarstone countertops in a kitchen or bathroom renovation, owing to the strict quality control procedures in place at the manufacturer’s production facilities.

Finding Out for Yourself

We don’t expect you to take our word on the matter of course. After all, we sell a great deal of these countertops every year so we may have a vested interest in promoting them. What we would like to suggest, if you are interested in finding out whether we really are telling the truth, is that you visit our showroom in the near future and take a look at the many slabs of Caesarstone that we have in stock, along with the off cuts and sample quartz countertops that we often have available.