Granite is a valued countertop material in both kitchens and bathrooms. But its natural beauty, durability, and spectacular appearance also add to the visual appeal of bar countertops.

One of the best aspects of granite is that it suits all types of bar styles, including traditional and rustic, and increases the value of your home.

But to make the most of your granite bar countertop, you must choose the colour of stone wisely. After all, you want it to complement the overall look of your bar and make a statement as well.

To help you select a suitable colour for your granite bar countertop, let’s consider these suggestions.

Granite Bar Countertops: 9 Beautiful Colours for an Inspiring Look

9 Most Popular Colours for Granite Bar Countertops

Granite is universally recognized as a superior natural stone that adds to the value of your property. That’s why it’s become a popular material choice for bar countertops.

If you’re planning to buy a granite countertop for your bar, here are a few popular colour choices to inspire you.

1) Sapphire Blue

Sapphire blue granite features an elegant combination of blues, greys, blacks, and browns. The deep blue colour of this stone makes it an attractive addition to a bar, especially if it has white accents.

This durable and versatile granite has a small intricate pattern of flecks that immediately draws attention and makes your bar countertop look stunning.

2) Bianco Antico

Bianco Antico granite is a primarily white and grey slab with hints of light grey, brown, and white. Quarried in Caera, Brazil, this attractive natural stone features clear quartz crystals that give your countertop a luxurious appearance. It matches all types of decor, including rustic, traditional, contemporary, and Scandinavian.

The distinctive look of this variety of granite is perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind look for your bar countertop. Pair it with wood accents and furnishings for a spectacular bar area.

3) Black Pearl

Black Pearl’s unconventional look – a combination of gold, silver, brown, grey, and green hues – is due to its mineral deposits of metallic silver. The small details (which are extremely consistent) are what give this type of granite its unparalleled appearance. This fine-grained granite is a perfect and luxurious choice for bars featuring a Victorian or traditional design.

4) Juparana Exotica Super

Do you want an unconventional look for your bar countertop? Then Juparana Exotica Super granite is your best bet. This natural stone has a vein-like pattern and beautifully blends yellow, grey, and black hues with red spots. This exotic variety of granite will surely turn heads and create a focal point in the room.

5) Grey Nuevo

Give a dramatic look to your bar countertop with Grey Nuevo granite. Its classic tones and unique patterns combine with a subtle sparkle to give your countertop a stylish appearance. The grey and greige tones of this spectacular granite create a timeless look that ups your bar countertop’s style quotient without overpowering the surrounding decor.

6) Desert Brown

This granite variety from India is recommended for bar countertops because it pairs well with the diffused lighting and glass accents of a bar. Desert Brown granite mainly consists of yellow-brown and black speckles evenly dispersed over its surface, with small dots of burgundy adding a calming richness. The neutral tan background and highlights of bold colours make this variety of granite a show-stealer no matter where it is installed.

7) Alps White

Alps white granite features a warm white background that is elegantly contrasted with rich hints of sparkling black and white crystals. If you want to give a timeless look to your bar, this granite is your best bet. It brings richness and depth to your bar space with its deep hues and makes a subtle statement. To create an elegant contrast, complement it with wood and metal accents.

8) Altair

Do you have your heart set on an exotic variety of granite? If so, Altair granite won’t disappoint. This one-of-a-kind granite has a black base and thick, snakelike veins of orange, gold, and red that weave across the slab. The glossy sheen and breathtaking appearance of this unique natural stone make it an uncommon pick but definitely worth the purchase to give your bar a bold look.

9) Silver Paradiso

This beautiful stone has incredible white veins with a dark grey background. This makes it a good choice for countertops as the design conceals stains.

It can also enhance your countertop’s appearance via the play and movement of the grey and white swirling veins. Consider buying this exceptional granite to match an all-white bar decor.

Granite is an incredibly strong, durable, and versatile natural stone that is the go-to choice for countertops. Its diverse range of colours makes it a perfect addition to an interesting space like a bar. You can create a variety of looks with uniquely beautiful granite slabs in vibrant hues. Add a colourful and attractive granite slab to your bar countertop and turn an ordinary bar area into an extraordinary one.