In an outdoor cooking setup, your kitchen countertop is one of the most frequently-used surfaces. While it is mainly used to prepare food, it also provides space to stack utensils, dishes, condiments, cutlery, and so on.

Proximity to food, frequency of use, and location outdoors are important factors to consider when purchasing an outdoor kitchen countertop for your Toronto-area home. For instance, while some materials are great for non-shaded outdoor kitchens, others may not stand up as well to sun exposure and changing temperatures. 

If you are planning an outdoor kitchen and wondering which countertop material will best-suit your Toronto home, don’t worry. We cover several options here, so you can narrow them down and determine which is best for your outdoor space.

Let’s get started.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops in Toronto: Stylish & Functional Options

Here is a list of the best outdoor kitchen countertops in Toronto to help you find one that suits your needs. 

1. Granite

Granite is a durable material that is resistant to UV radiation, making it one of the most suitable options for outdoor kitchen spaces. With a granite countertop in your outdoor kitchen, you can rest easy knowing it will stand up to the conditions it will be exposed to over time, such as sun and weather. 

Granite Kitchen Countertops

 Granite is available in a wide range of patterns, colours, and styles, meaning homeowners can find something perfect for their outdoor space. Plus, being heat-resistant, it is suitable for busy outdoor applications. 

However, it is important to know that granite countertops need to be sealed regularly to reduce the risk of staining from spills. In case of a spill, it is recommended that you clean it up promptly. If left unsealed, granite can harbour bacteria and mould. Also, for outdoor applications, it is best to look for a style that does not have a lot of veining; this is because the minerals, fillers, and epoxies used in heavily-veined granite can react negatively to UV exposure.

2. Quartz

Quartz is another outdoor kitchen countertop material that is suitable for Toronto weather; it is also beautiful and has broad consumer appeal. Being an engineered material, you should be able to find something that fits perfectly into your space.

Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are manufactured by grinding up quartzite stone and mixing it with resins and polymers to create a slab. Metal flakes and pigments are then added to this mixture to create graining and veining patterns. However, this creative process means that the material comes with a high price tag. Also, it is heavy, which can make it challenging for homeowners to install the countertop themselves. That is why it is best to contact professional quartz countertop installers like MaxSpace for the best results.

3. Marble

This natural stone is synonymous with luxury. While marble countertops are better-suited to indoor applications, homeowners can take steps to make them work outdoors, too. Keep in mind that outdoor marble countertops are exposed to sunlight, dirt, rain and other challenges. To counteract these threats, it is best to regularly seal your countertop. However, if regular maintenance will be a challenge, it’s best to choose a honed finish. 

Marble Kitchen Countertops

With the right product and maintenance, you will have an elegant outdoor kitchen countertop in Toronto that will continue to look beautiful for years to come. 

4. Tile

If you are working with a tight budget and want the most economical option, consider porcelain tile for your outdoor space. Just be sure to choose one that is rated for outdoor applications. 

You can find tile countertops in a wide range of styles, so you can choose tiles with a stone look or ones that are ornately patterned. They also come in numerous colour options and are easy to clean. This greatly reduces the time spent on maintenance, as a quick wipe is enough to clean the surface. 

However, tile countertops often require grouting between their seams, which could yellow with time. Moreover, grouting can also crack or stain thanks to food or liquid spills. A good idea to avoid this is to choose dark grout.

5. Stainless Steel

This countertop material provides a modern, sleek, and utilitarian appearance, but it may not be for everyone. Those who do will love stainless steel countertops for their antibacterial properties, durability, and ease of cleaning. Moreover, stainless steel does not require periodic sealing, which greatly reduces your maintenance requirements. 

However, this is one of the most expensive countertop materials available, so it is not suitable for a tight budget. Moreover, when exposed directly to sunlight, it can become hot, so it is recommended to use it only in outdoor kitchens that are shaded. 


Ultimately, the best outdoor kitchen countertop solution for your Toronto home depends on your setup. Other factors such as maintenance, environmental resistance, budget, and your personal preferences and needs should also be considered. Hopefully, this post has provided you with an adequate number of options. Now you are equipped with the right information to make the best decision for your outdoor space. Still have questions? Contact MaxSpace Stone Works today.