Selecting a bathroom vanity requires meticulous planning, including an idea of what style you prefer. That is why you should consider certain factors when choosing an appropriate bathroom vanity top.

Apart from being an attractive part of your bathroom decor, it is also one of the most widely-used assets in the room. After all, it is where you may put on makeup, shave, or store frequently-used toiletries. This vanity top should be functional, stylish and affordable.

In this post, we discuss the vital factors to consider when selecting a bathroom vanity top. We’ll also recommend the best materials for this important element of your bathroom decor.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Bathroom Vanity Top

Here are a few factors to consider when selecting a bathroom vanity top.

1. Consider Your Budget

Just like any home remodelling project, you have to consider your budget first. With so many bathroom vanity tops available, you should choose the look you want at the best price point you can find. If you want something high-quality and luxurious, marble or granite is your best choice.

2. Determine the Size

Make sure you measure your existing vanity top before selecting a new one. Remember, vanity tops do not have standard sizes; instead, they can be cut to match the size of any standard vanity. The next step is to measure the vanity top’s front and back portions and then measure from the front to the back of the existing vanity to determine its depth.

3. Consider the Shape of the Sink

When looking for the best bathroom vanity top, make sure you choose one that fits well with its sink. Whether you have an integrated or undermount sink, make the selection accordingly. For example, quartz is a great option for undermount sinks because it does not need sealing to safeguard it against stains.

4. Style

Style is a vital factor in choosing the best bathroom vanity top for your home. Undoubtedly, a modern vanity may stand out with a marble top, while a porcelain one will suit your bathroom best if you are indulging in a classic decor style. Make sure you select one that works well in your space and complements the aesthetic of your home decor.

Which Materials Are Used to Make Bathroom Vanity Tops?

Below are some popular materials for bathroom vanity tops.

1. Granite

This beautiful natural stone is quite popular among homeowners. It is available in multiple colours, and no two slabs are the same. With patterns ranging from bold to subtle, you can easily get the right granite slab as per your requirements and home decor.

Another benefit of granite vanity tops is that the material is very hard so does not scratch and lasts for a long time. It is also low maintenance. The average cost of materials, fabrication and installation ranges between CDN$70 and $80 per square foot.

2. Quartz

Quartz bathroom vanity tops are made from engineered materials comprised of nearly 95% ground-up quartz bonded together by pigments and resins. This material is actually harder than granite so does not need sealing; it is also bacteria and moisture-resistant. Moreover, it withstands various types of stains such as toothpaste and cosmetics.

3. Marble

For several decades, this natural stone has been a symbol of taste and luxury. This hard crystalline limestone is available in different colours, the most prominent ones having hues of grey and white. Its surface is very cool which makes it perfect for rolling out pastries. Moreover, it resists heat, although it is recommended that you place hot pans on trivets to protect its finish.

4. Quartzite

This metamorphic rock begins its life as sandstone and then undergoes a process of pressurization and heat that changes it into a beautiful and strong natural stone. When heated, quartz pieces re-crystallize and become highly-durable natural stones with stunning patterns. If you are searching for a long-lasting and beautiful vanity top for your bathroom, this is an obvious choice.

These are the important things you should consider when choosing a suitable bathroom vanity top. The popular material options you should consider include granite, marble, quartzite and quartz. If you are still struggling to decide the right option for your bathroom vanity top, contact MaxSpace. From material selection and fabrication to installation, our professionals are with you at every step.