Natural stones can transform your home’s interiors by creating a Zen-like retreat. They also add a unique element as they’re available in various colours and textures, unlike mass-produced products that are virtually identical.

They bring the outdoors indoors by using sustainable products that are durable and low maintenance. Being reusable, they minimize adverse environmental impacts.

If you’re thinking of incorporating natural stones such as marble, granite, or onyx into your living space, let’s discover different ways to do so.

Common Home Interior Uses for Natural Stones (5 Ways)


Natural stones last a long time in both indoor and outdoor home applications. Here, we explore the possibilities of incorporating granite, marble and other natural stones into your home.

1. Shelves


Along with being functional, natural stone shelves can be a good way to organize your interiors. If you’re working with a small room, opt for open or free-floating shelving to add visual interest and make the area more spacious. Marble, granite and onyx shelves make a particularly bold statement.
Keep in mind that natural stone is heavy so each piece needs to be installed with proper support to ensure they are safely in place. Also, be sure to choose appropriate brackets so they are mounted properly. To lighten the load, manufacturers can mill the thickness of the slabs to make them slightly lighter.

2. Bench or Tabletop

Bench or Tabletop
Whether you want to add a pop of colour to your favourite end or coffee table or breathe fresh life into damaged or outdated furniture, natural stone can help. The varieties available ensure there is something for sleek, modern, and traditional homes.
If you purchase your materials from a natural stone provider or fabricator, you will receive a product that is custom-made to fit your room’s dimensions, existing patterns, and material requirements.
Your best bet is to choose granite or quartz as both are durable and non-porous materials suitable for table and benchtop applications. Both are easy to care for and offer an earthy ambience. Additionally, the colours and patterns add an interesting and colourful feature that becomes the room’s focal point.

3. Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops
Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most frequently-used spaces so it makes sense to install natural stone countertops that stand up well to daily wear and tear. While not cheap, they do offer a return on investment like few other materials do.
Natural stone slabs are available in numerous patterns and colours. This makes it easy to use them in any application, including countertops. Moreover, since natural stone slabs form over thousands of years, they’re virtually indestructible. With proper care, your granite or marble countertop can last a lifetime.
Furthermore, no two marble and granite slabs are alike. This allows you to create a truly one-of-a-kind space. You can also work with your countertop provider to find a design and colour that fits the character and personality of your bathroom or kitchen.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces

Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces
Natural stone fireplace surrounds are functional and easy to maintain. They also add value to your interiors while withstanding heat without sustaining damage.
Furthermore, you will find endless combinations to create a customized appearance. If you have a modern fireplace, you can add marble or granite from floor to ceiling and create a linear fireplace. Alternatively, adding a wooden border to the surround can add a rustic appeal.
When considering options for an outdoor fireplace, you can pair either granite or marble with a freestanding chimney fireplace that typically includes brick. Alternatively, you may build a table fireplace with a fire pit in the middle that is surrounded by granite or marble placed on a base made using the same material. It’s better to build an outdoor fireplace than purchase a ready-made one as it gives you control over the size, colour, and pattern to create something that complements the space.

5. Shower Walls

Shower Walls
You can use marble and granite to design a stone display on your shower walls that will be easy to maintain. Lighter-coloured tiles will create the illusion of more space.
Before installing the slabs, make sure they are properly sealed to prevent leaks. Also, the smaller the stones, the more you’ll need. This will make it difficult to clean between them.
By correctly adding tiles to your shower area, you increase your home’s value and create a space your family can enjoy for years to come.
Along with being a stunning home decor addition, natural stone withstands the test of time. With the potential uses outlined here, you can create a home that looks both inviting and warm. Furthermore, the wide range of options available lets you get creative in just about any room. With marble, granite and other natural stones, you enjoy the flexibility to design your dream home, if that includes natural stone!