Marble is considered a premium natural stone countertop material due to its gorgeous appearance. This includes detailed veining in distinct hues. This is why it is one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials in Toronto-area homes.

Because marble is a very delicate natural stone, homeowners need to know how to properly maintain this type of countertop to preserve its stunning appearance.

As a leading Canadian fabricator of marble countertops, we have prepared a guide to taking care of yours.

Let’s get started.

Various Ways to Keep Custom Marble Countertops Beautiful and Functional

Custom marble countertops require proper care and maintenance to retain their shine and functionality. Expensive fixes are easily avoided if you know how to care for them effectively. Here are a few steps to keep these kitchen countertops in top condition.

 Regular Care & Maintenance Tips 

You should always wipe these countertops once you have finished preparing food. Although marble is highly resistant to heat, it’s a good idea to always put hot pots or pans on trivets; not directly on the countertop.

Marble is made from calcium carbonate which is extremely reactive to acidic products. When such products are placed on marble, it immediately dissolves parts of this stone surface and exposes the untreated marble below. Acidic food or beverages such as citrus fruits, coffee, sodas, vinegar, and wine may damage marble countertops. So, use a good-quality chopping board when preparing food and wipe up spills immediately.

You may also use a protective plastic or silicon sheet when working on these custom countertops for prolonged periods.

Annual Maintenance Tips 

If you want to take the best care of your marble countertops, opt for sealing. We recommend sealing marble every 6 to 12 months. It acts as a protective shield over your marble countertops. It fills their pores and prevents it from absorbing any spilled liquid.

Easy Ways to Clean Customer Marble Countertops

Cleaning custom marble countertops is relatively easy if you give them your attention and care.

Use a Cleaning Solution  

It is vital to blot spills with a soft cloth before spraying the affected area. Always use the correct marble countertop cleaner. Avoid cleaning products that are rich in ammonia, bleach, or vinegar, as these acidic products will erode the marble.

Rub Your Countertop Dry 

Clean the blot or stain in a circular motion using a wet cloth. Start from the corner of the spill and move inwards. When the stain is wiped away, use warm water and wash the spot. Finally, dry the countertop using a thin soft cloth.

When it comes to cleaning, never use harsh products. The best options are pH-neutral or homemade cleaning solutions made from mild soap and water. For deeper, tougher stains, use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

How to Deal with Etching on Custom Marble Countertops

Etching occurs when a corrosive chemical damages the surface of your marble countertop and exposes the raw marble below. It leaves whitish spots, also known as ghost stains or water spots, which can be fixed by buffing or polishing the affected surface. Fortunately there are special products that remove etching and restore the marble’s natural colour. If the etching is severe, consult a professional for better solutions.

Ways to Remove Stains from Custom Marble Countertops

All types of stains on custom marble countertops are removable. However, to remove stubborn ones, you need to follow special techniques.

Oil Stains 

This type of stain usually occurs from grease, cooking oil, vinaigrette, or butter. They may darken the surface of your marble countertop. To remove them, use a mixture of liquid soap with a few drops of acetone or ammonia.

Organic Stains 

These pinkish-brown stains can be cleaned using a special marble poultice. Make this by mixing one tablespoon of water and one of baking soda. Ensure that the poultice is smooth as well as thick, just like any paste.

Rust Stains 

These stubborn muddy brown or greenish metal stains need a chemical remover or poultice. Use a soft brush to wipe the gaps without damaging the countertop surface.

Water Stains 

Like acid stains, difficult water spots also need a poultice. If required, use steel wool in order to rub the stain. Wipe up the residue using a wet cloth; then dry the surface thoroughly.

Paint Stains 

These can be removed using a lacquer thinner and then scraped off with a razor blade. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the marble with the blade.

From removing stubborn stains to choosing the right cleaning solutions, taking care of custom marble countertops is simple – provided you know how to do it. If properly maintained, you can preserve your countertop’s lustre for a long time. At MaxSpace Stone Works, we take pride in having a huge inventory of marble and other stones, such as granite, quartz, quartzite, and onyx. We build as well as install high-quality customized marble countertops, bars, floors, and fireplaces with excellent craftsmanship in the GTA. If you’re looking for the best stone solutions for your home or office, contact us today.