Are you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen? One go-to way of doing this is to get a new countertop.

But selecting the right material can be a challenge.

Many homeowners these days prefer quartz because it is sustainable, easy to maintain, and affordable.

But what do you know about quartz kitchen countertops? Here, we explore a few interesting facts about quartz so you can make a more informed purchase.

Let’s get started.

Interesting Facts about Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Toronto  

Quartz is a durable kitchen countertop material. Let’s find out why it has become so popular.

These Countertops Do Not Contain Solid Quartz 

Quartz countertops may contain lesser or greater quantities of quartz but they do not include solid quarried quartz. Rather, they use other materials like resin; waste products from granite, marble, or other natural stones; and recycled industrial wastes like silica, glass, mirrors, and ceramic.

They Are Highly Waterproof 

These countertops don’t usually crack or break easily and therefore don’t need any sealing. Quartz is an engineered stone that is resistant to water. In fact, its waterproof nature makes it a great choice for busy commercial kitchens. Quartz countertops are also very easy to clean and maintain. However, avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning products on a regular basis.

They Are More Durable Than Granite 

The harder the stone, the more durable it is. Quartz is a very hard stone with a rating of 7 on the  Mohs hardness scale. By comparison, granite, which is also widely used in kitchen and bathroom countertops, is a 6. This makes quartz countertops harder and more durable than granite ones.

They Are Available in a Variety of Colours 

Quartz is available in a wide range of colours and colour combinations. This happens because of the blending of various substances during its formation. This makes quartz a popular option for homeowners because they can select any of their favourite colours and then mix and match them as per their home’s decor.

They Look like Marble  

If you want the beauty of marble countertops but have a limited budget, quartz countertops are your next best choice. Indeed, quartz can look like other natural stones, including marble, because it is made from diverse recycled materials and waste products. This gives it distinctive colour combinations.

It is also resistant to scratches, water spots, and stains, so doesn’t need as much maintenance as marble.

They Are Environmentally Friendly 

Are you looking for kitchen countertops that are eco-friendly? Ninety-five percent of the materials that create the base for quartz countertops are the waste products of other manufacturing or quarrying procedures. The resins in a quartz countertop are made of natural ingredients.

All Quartz Countertop Brands Use Patented Technology  

There are several top countertop brands that sell high-quality quartz products. These include Silestone, Caeserstone, and Cambria. They all use the same patent, but each brand employs its own style and composition.

This patent dates back to 1966 with the formation of the Italian company Breton. Its technology helped create this engineered stone. Other brands make use of this patent to manufacture their own countertops.


The top-quality quartz kitchen countertops you find in Toronto-area homes are water-resistant, highly durable, eco-friendly and mimic the grand look of marble countertops. In doing so, they add a touch of elegance and style to your kitchen. To learn more about engineered and natural stone kitchen countertops in Toronto, get in touch with us. Our experts are on hand to help you select the best countertop material and colour. They will also supervise its fabrication and installation.