Wood adds a touch of style and elegance to any space, so oak cabinets are a great addition to a modern kitchen.

But pairing them with quartz countertops in different colours can be challenging.

When building a modern kitchen, its look is as important as its functionality. That’s why you need to know what colour of quartz countertop best matches your oak cabinets.

To help you make that choice, let’s look at the best quartz kitchen countertop colour options to complement oak cabinets.

Best Quartz Kitchen Countertop Colour Options for Oak Cabinets 

Below are colour options for quartz countertops that go best with oak cabinets in modern kitchens.

Light Quartz Kitchen Countertop Colours 

Light quartz countertop colours are suitable for oak cabinets because they help to tone down the dark colour of oak and create a stylish look and feel.

London Grey 

This greyish, off-white quartz countertop gives off an elegant vibe in busy kitchens. This colour looks and feels like granite.


This quartz countertop colour helps you achieve the gorgeous look of marble. It is filled with dark veins and is a great option for a contemporary kitchen with oak cabinets. This colour also effectively hides unavoidable smudges or tiny dust spots, keeping your kitchen tidier.


Lyra has a white-coloured base with soft greyish veins. Its polished finish hides the hard stains accumulated by a busy kitchen.


This quartz countertop colour’s white base is dotted with small cream-coloured spots and greyish veins. This helps to neutralize the dark tones of existing kitchen elements and gives the illusion of a larger space while projecting a modern vibe.

Blanco Orion

Blanco Orion’s white background and blurred greyish veining fits into almost any kitchen design style, including those with oak cabinets. Its elegant appearance is recommended for those who want a minimalist kitchen with neutral shades.


This is one of the best quartz countertop colour options as it goes well with oak cabinets. This colour has a beige base and strokes of brown, gold, and cream hues. Windermere quartz is suitable for both residential and commercial kitchens.


This dark grey-brown quartz has a simple, earthy look that blends well with any type of kitchen design.

Coswell Cream 

This quartz’s soft brown veining is sprinkled with grey spots. These versatile colours match well with dark walls and cabinets, including those made from oak.

Dark Quartz Kitchen Countertop Colours

If you want to accentuate the beauty of your dark oak cabinets instead of toning down their colour, choose chic dark quartz countertops.

Coastal Grey

This style has a cool, dark, greyish base with strokes of black and white. Pairing it with oak cabinets creates a rustic look that never goes out of style.

Eternal Marquina Quartz 

With a black base and white veins, this colour imitates Marquina, one of the world’s most beautiful marbles. This quartz countertop colour matches well with oak cabinets and gives them a striking look.

These top quartz kitchen countertop colours pair well with oak cabinets. If you are still struggling to choose the right colour for your quartz countertop, take a colour patch and test it against your oak cabinets. Whether it is a light or dark hue, make sure to choose the one that produces a good vibe and complements your cabinets. Contact MaxSpace Stone Works to learn more about quartz and other stone countertops.