Quartz countertops are known for their stunning appearance, durability, and low maintenance. So, it is no surprise that they are a popular choice among homeowners in their kitchens.

But how do you keep their lustre?

In this post, we discuss the types of finishes available and how to keep your quartz kitchen countertop shining for years to come.

Your Guide to Retaining the Polish on Your Quartz Kitchen Countertop

These are the different types of finishes available and the steps you need to take to prevent your quartz countertop from losing its polish.

  • Honed Finish:  This has a matte look and is soft to the touch. It reflects light gently to display the depth of the countertop.
  • Natural Finish: A beautiful quartz countertop with a natural finish displays a simple texture that also reflects light in a gentle manner.
  • Rough Finish: This finish provides a rustic, rugged look.
  • Concrete Finish:  The concrete finish is granular to the touch and evokes a rough look while showing off some refinement.

Do You Need to Keep Your Quartz Countertop’s Polish Intact?

Over the years, thin layers of dust gather on your quartz kitchen countertop, which causes it to lose its lustre. So, this type of countertop needs regular cleaning to keep it looking beautiful and stain-free.

How Do You Protect It Against Damage?

Use trivets to safeguard your countertop against heat damage. Also, never cut vegetables on it. Use chopping boards instead.

How Do You Retain the Polish of Quartz Countertops and Make It Look Glossy? 

Quartz countertops are durable and non-porous, meaning they don’t absorb liquid. Therefore, any spill or stain can be cleaned up easily. Here are a few steps for regular quartz countertop cleaning to safeguard the polish.

  1. Use a few drops of non-abrasive cleaning product on a cotton cloth. Harsh chemicals such as bleach or peroxide may scratch its finish.
  2. Use a damp cloth to wipe the quartz countertop. Make sure you cover the whole surface.
  3. After you have coated the surface completely, scrub the stained portion with a soft scrubber.
  4. Once you are done with the scrubbing, clean the soap from the surface and allow it to dry. Use a dry hand towel to speed up the drying process.


Hard, scratch-resistant, stylish, and highly durable, quartz countertops are one of the best options for your kitchen. As long as you take measures to retain its polish, it will last for a very long time. Just follow the steps outlined in this post. For more information on quartz, granite, and other stone countertops, get in touch with MaxSpace Stone Works. From material selection and fabrication to installation, our experts are with you at every step of your project.