marble stone

Marble is the result of limestone that has been metamorphosed, or subjected to great heat and  pressure.  Marble has been used for building and construction since the ancient times.  The word marble comes from ancient Greek and means “shining stone.”  It was used extensively by ancient Greek and Roman architects and sculptors.

Marble’s usefulness as a building and sculpture material comes from the fact that when first quarried it’s easy to carve and relatively resistant to shattering.  As it ages it becomes harder and more durable.  Marble also has a unique light reflecting property, known as a low index of refraction, which gives sculptures a skin-like translucence and life-like appearance.

In the modern era, marble is mined throughout the world with the top producers being China, Italy, Spain and India.  It comes in a wide array of colors with the most common being pure white, pink, blue, grey, green and even black.

Marble can be used extensively throughout the home or business as a countertop material in bathrooms, kitchens and elsewhere. Here are several reasons why marble makes an excellent material for countertops with some being:


Very few natural or man-made materials can duplicate the visual qualities of a fine marble countertop.  Marble’s luminescence radiates an aura of luxury and elegance.  With a wide variety of colors to choose from, marble countertops can be made to match any building interior.


Marble is typically cheaper than other natural countertop materials.  Other stones such as quartz or granite usually cost more without marble’s variety of colors, veining and luminescence.  There are marble countertop options available for every budget.


Marble is extremely durable and resists scratches and cracks better than most man-made materials.  It’s use in ancient buildings that still stand today is living proof of its resilience.  When properly sealed and maintained, a marble countertop can last a lifetime.

Heat Resistance

Marble countertops have long been used by bakers and chocolate makers because of the heat conducting abilities.  It won’t burn or start on fire like some materials.

Due to its beauty and durability, marble has a long and fabled history.  In this day and age we can still take advantage of these properties in our homes and businesses.  Marble countertops are a great way to take advantage of this beautiful stone and have it as part of our everyday lives.