Are you thinking of installing a granite kitchen countertop in your Toronto-area home? That’s a great idea. They are affordable, durable, and resistant to heat and stains.

But one aspect you may not have considered is the edge style for your countertop. It may seem like a small thing, but it can make or break your kitchen’s overall design.

To help you out, we have curated a list of different kitchen countertop edge styles. We highlight their benefits in terms of design, style, safety, and ease of maintenance.

Let’s dive right in.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Edge Options in Toronto

When selecting the right edge for your granite countertop, you not only have to consider its visual appeal but the practicality of its design. This guide highlights different edge styles so you can choose the appropriate option.

Straight Edge 

Do you have an intricately-designed granite bar countertop? Want to highlight a beautiful backsplash or other elements of your kitchen? Then the straight edge is your answer. The reason is that it will match with the room and not distract the viewers’ attention from its other design details. In this style, the edges are not sharp but slightly rounded to prevent injuries. It also protects the countertop from damage.

Eased Edge 

This simple yet stylish edge is one of the most commonly used with granite countertops. They are softened to the extent that they become neither fully rounded nor too sharpened. They also have a square shape with a 90-degree angle and are safe as they help to prevent breakage and other damage. They give your granite countertop the thickest look. They are also easy to maintain and do not hold spillages, like other intricate edges often do.

Waterfall Edge 

This edge has a clean, chic look that is best for a contemporary kitchen. It is almost half-round near the top and becomes flat towards the bottom; it seems as if the granite just flows over the top and then runs down to the ground. This waterfall edge creates a focal point in your room and showcases the countertop as an art piece.

Bevelled Edge 

This edge is marked by its sharp 45-degree angle. This creates a distinct border that eventually frames the granite countertop and maintains a stylish finish.

There are different types of bevelled edges. For example, you can choose one-fourth bevel or half bevel. Moreover, you can have the top as well as bottom edge bevelled. Bevelled edge granite countertops are less expensive than many other types of kitchen countertops.

Half Bullnose 

A half bullnose edge adds curves to your kitchen to give it a softer, more pleasant look. It is a widely-preferred edge option among homeowners. It accentuates the granite’s thickness and highlights its wonderful patterns and veining.

Because of its simple, curved lines, this edge is a safe choice, especially for homes with children and/or pets. It is also very easy to clean because there are no additional grooves or detailing.

Bullnose Edge 

This popular edge complements all types of kitchen design styles and looks highly attractive. Its rounded shape gives a granite kitchen countertop a thinner, smoother and more elegant appearance. It has timeless appeal and is mostly seen in traditional kitchens.

A granite countertop with a bullnose edge is very easy to maintain and can be kept in the best condition to last a long time. Spills never trickle down onto the ground because it has a round shape underneath.

This is also a good option for a home with kids and/or pets because there are no sharp corners.

Ogee Edge 

The ogee edge has a classic, decorative look that pairs well with a conventional kitchen design. It has a stylish “S” shape and its curves may vary from dramatic to subtle.

As this edge adds extra depth to your countertop, it is perfect for bigger kitchens. A double ogee one is similarly-shaped but has an additional curve.

This edge is more difficult to design so is one of the more expensive countertop edge styles.


These are the main types of granite kitchen countertop edges you may choose for your Toronto home. Hopefully, you can pick one that works well with your kitchen decor and fits your budget. Besides looking stylish, choose an edge that protects your countertops from damage. If you are still struggling to decide, get in touch with us.