Durable and sleek engineered quartz countertops are widely used by homeowners in their kitchens. With a price point and look similar to granite countertops, they are a great choice for those looking for something less glossy. Quartz also withstands stains, food spills, and regular scrubbing.

But do you know how much engineered quartz countertops cost?

Their price is almost the same as granite, starting at $40 per square foot and ranging over $200.

However, multiple factors that can affect this price. In this post, we discuss them to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s get started.

Top Factors That Affect the Cost of Quartz Countertops

Here are the important factors that determine the cost of these kitchen countertops

1. Total Amount of Quartz Required

How much you pay will largely depend on the brand you choose such as Caesarstone and Silestone. The size of the quartz slab will also affect its overall cost. This is because the total amount of kitchen space determines the total amount of quartz you have to buy. Obviously, the bigger the space, the more slabs you need.

2. Labour Cost

This is one of the vital factors that decide the cost of these kitchen countertops. For example, a matching backsplash made from quartz will increase your labour costs.

3. Type of Finish

Type of Finish Quartz countertops.

Quartz countertops look stunning, and their finish will affect your kitchen’s ambience. Below are the kinds of finishes used for these kitchen countertops:

Honed finish: A honed countertop is ground down to have a matte, non-reflective surface. This is vital for concealing smudges, streaks or crumbs.

Polished finish: Here, the quartz countertop is buffed to a glossy, shiny finish. It requires additional polishing in order to maintain a lustrous look.

Sueded finish: Compared to a honed finish, a sueded finish has more depth and texture. This style complements dark quartz countertops and requires little maintenance.

4. Edges

The edge treatment you choose can impact the price of quartz countertops. Detailed and intricate ones such as waterfall edges cost more than standard edges like square and eased styles.

A waterfall edge is where the quartz countertop extends up to the floor at a 90-degree angle on each end, thereby creating a stylish modern look. An eased edge is slightly rounded at the top while the square one has a straight 90-degree edge that is less rounded.

5. Levelling

Before Installing a quartz countertop, the kitchen cabinets should be properly levelled to support their weight. Otherwise, the whole countertop may warp or crack. A professional will use shims between the kitchen cabinets and floor for a levelled surface. However, if the task involves more in-depth levelling, both the costs of labour and materials will increase.

6. Extra Costs

Below are a few extra costs involved when installing quartz kitchen countertops.

Removal of Your Old Kitchen Countertop

You must remove the old countertop before installing the new quartz one. Always hire a professional installer for this.

Some will include this cost in their initial quote; others won’t. So, confirm it either way.

Faucet, Outlet Cutouts, and Sink Removal

Stock kitchen countertops and those found in local stores may include a sink cutout which increases the countertop’s overall price. You will also have to pay more for the cooktop, faucet, and outlet cutouts. Some companies include these cutout prices in their quote, so check this too.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

It is best to hire a professional when mounting quartz countertops, especially if you do not have adequate experience and knowledge.

Quartz slabs weigh 20 to 25 pounds per square foot and are hard to move unless you have the right equipment. That’s why professional installers are best to install and cut quartz countertops. If you rent special cutting tools for edge finishes or sink cutouts and make a mistake, you will incur additional expenses to replace the slab.

These are the key factors that affect the price of engineered quartz countertops for your kitchen. The more flexible you are about edge treatment, finish, and slab size, the more you may save. Also, be sure to hire a professional to install it if you don’t have the training and experience. If you are looking for a reliable stone company, contact MaxSpace Stone Works. From material selection to fabrication, our experts are with you at every step.