After all these years, farmhouse-style houses remain popular with homeowners.

With its primary focus being livability and family, this design has stood the test of time, especially in kitchens. In fact, elements of the modern farmhouse pop up in the decor of pubs and restaurants, too, incorporating a blend of the sleek and rustic.

If you’re looking to add character, warmth and personality, with a hint of minimalism, into your kitchen, you’re in the right place. From quartz countertops to natural materials, here are some tried-and-tested interior design practices to inspire you to indulge in your farmhouse kitchen dreams.

How to Create a Modern Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

  1. Quartz or Concrete Countertops

A great part of farmhouse style relies on simplicity. That means flamboyant granite and marble countertops with multicoloured and bold finishes aren’t a fit. Instead, consider using concrete or quartz. Or try a darker shade and incorporate contrasting elements like white or light-coloured cabinets.

Alternatively, you can pair a light-coloured countertop with navy cabinetry to add an attractive pop of colour without it feeling out of place.

  1. Neutral Colours

Choose neutral colours for your kitchen walls and avoid bright or dark ones. Cream, beige and even grey set the tone of the farmhouse look.

Also, make it a point to keep all the walls in the same colour scheme to create a calming atmosphere that blends the other elements.

  1. Open Shelving

Door-less cabinets and wall-mounted shelves will make your utensils and dishware easy to store and locate. Do you have traditional lower and upper banks of cabinets? Think about removing some of the doors to create the appearance of open shelving without having to install new ones along the wall. Alternatively, put in glass doors on existing cabinetry for a modern look.

  1. Barn Doors

In this design, a sliding barn door separates the interior and defines spaces. They can be used in an entrance or as closet doors to hide pantry areas when they’re not in use. They’re easy to install, fun to use and the hardware comes in a wide range of colours and styles.

To create a casual vibe, choose hardware in an aged bronze patina. This pairs well with a milky white decor.

  1. Animal Accents

Accessories and accents are essential to the farmhouse style. However, under no circumstances should you try to incorporate too many elements within the same space. Using a well-placed single oversized farm animal print, preferably in a monochrome or pastel scheme, is acceptable. You can place a few smaller statues of animals next to any greenery you may have.

If pictures and figures aren’t your thing, incorporate some wool or fur and mix it up with wood and metal accents to add depth to your space.

  1. A Fireplace

Nothing makes a room, including a kitchen, cozier than a fireplace.

Years ago, farmhouse kitchens had a hearth which was the central gathering spot for families. If installing a fireplace isn’t an option, brick in any empty section and mount a mantelpiece to add depth. Use the mantle to add decorative displays as well.

  1. An Apron Sink

An apron sink is one of the most iconic elements when it comes to farmhouse-style kitchens, displaying a visible porcelain front. This element is such an integral part of achieving the look that sometimes it’s even referred to as a farmhouse sink. It’s sturdy, has a deep bowl and broad face with enough space for a stack of dishes while still offering room to wash vegetables. There are plenty of new varieties available, or source a vintage model from flea markets or yard sales.

  1. Metal Accents

Introducing metal accents is where you can let your style and personality shine.

Varying accents in galvanized steel, iron and wire reflect current trends while adding a bit of vintage styling. Wall art, storage baskets, bar stools and shelves are easy ways to personalize this style.

However, using too many polished and sleek elements can push the look toward something more transitional. For this, use weathered and aged metals such as blackened and antique brass through accessories, brushed-finish appliances, storage bins and light fixtures.

  1. Natural Textures

Since farmhouse design revolves around bringing the outdoors in, it’s best to use materials like hemp, burlap and cotton. To incorporate this element, use bamboo window treatments on windows or hang a linen cloth near the sink. The texture and colour variations of the materials offer a relaxed feel.

  1. Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls can turn an otherwise ordinary space extraordinary. They’re distinct appearance make your kitchen walls look old-fashioned yet upscale. Plus, they’re not expensive and can be integrated into cabinet doors and the sides of kitchen islands and panels.

  1. Shaker-Style Cabinetry

Although this style of cabinetry might not be as embellished as raised-panels or as minimalist as flat-panel designs, it has a refined simplicity well suited to farmhouse kitchens. You can either paint them to match your decor or finish them to allow their natural beauty to shine through. Simple wooden knobs, latch hardware and bin pulls add a finishing touch.

Take these 11 elements and run with them to create a farmhouse-style kitchen that reflects your personality and tastes Trust your creativity and go with the flow while mixing and matching old and new elements to make your kitchen stand out. Giving your kitchen a rustic appeal is easier than you think.