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Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen (7 Clever Design Tricks)

Small houses and apartments have their own charm and cozy ambience. They also tend to lack kitchen space, which can make it difficult to keep the space organized and may inhibit its functionality. However, just because you are working with a small space does not mean that you can’t have a beautiful and efficient kitchen. [...]

Which Finish Is Right for Your Stone Kitchen Countertop? (4 Options)

Are you thinking of giving your kitchen, bathroom, or bar a facelift via a natural stone countertop but unsure which finish to pick? Designing your stone countertop with the right finish helps with its durability, resistance to heat and moisture, and aesthetic appeal. There are many finishes available, each with its own characteristics and purpose. So, [...]

5 Unique Ways to Add Luxurious Onyx to Your Interior Decor

Are you looking to make your home more exquisite and luxurious with natural stone? There are many to choose from, including onyx. Often referred to as the new marble, onyx is the ultimate material to choose to give your space a more luxurious appeal. Often used in carvings, jewellery, monuments and architecture, onyx is becoming [...]

Granite Countertop Challenges You May (But Should Not) Ignore 

Homeowners often install granite kitchen countertops for their durability. But even the most durable ones may encounter issues that you will have to deal with. Granite countertops play a big role in improving the overall appearance of your kitchen. That is why it is a good idea to know about the common challenges you may [...]

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